Xiaomi Becomes 5th Largest Smartphone Vendor

Xiaomi Becomes 5th Largest Smartphone Vendor

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China’s Xiaomi becomes 5th largest smartphone vendor in world. As the android is growing rapidly the Xiaomi manages to get striking 5 percent of global smartphone market share, which was 1.8 percent last year. The data is revealed by Strategy Analytics.

Xiaomi Becomes 5th Largest Smartphone Vendor

Xiaomi has performed better than its competitors like Samsung and Apple. Xiaomi has shipped 15.1 million units this quarter and remain star performer. This is first time Xiaomi manage to get 5th position in smartphone market.

Xiaomi smartphones are very popular in Chinese market and million of smartphones are shifted through online. Most of its sales come from flash sale online. Its popular can estimated from it that with in 5 seconds Mi 3 goes sold out on Flipkart. People are very crazy to buy the new smartphone from Xiaomi, Mi 3.

The company new Mi 4 somewhat resembles Apple iPhone. Copy cat still manages to get decent sales. In fact the marketing strategy of Xiaomi remained very exceptional from staring.

Xiaomi now focused on targeting people outside china. They  are now targeting Asia and Europe for better market. Their marketing efforts will play a vital role specially in europe where most people are unaware of Xiaomi Brand. For this they also have invest big money. Xiaomi is called to be Apple of china as it seems to be.

surely there will be great competition in smartphone market specially in lower-priced. Just wait and watch.