Samsung Profit Declined, May Revise Its Pricing

Samsung Profit Declined, May Revise Its Pricing

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It’s not the good news for Samsung smartphone lovers. Samsung’s quarterly profits has declined to its lowest level in last two years. Its quarterly profits down to $6.1 billion which was $6.96 billion last year. Samsung should be worried about its profit fall.

Samsung Profit Declined
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The shares of Samsung also got a decline which is lowest last eight months. Company blames it for the slowdown in smartphone sales in global market. This statement is not getting tally with recent smartphone trends, as android is growing at rocket speed. There can be a 10 percent increases in shipment in July-September, according to company. They also focusing on releasing a new premium smartphone with great features, design and impressive pricing.

Previously they had also released Galaxy S5 which is outsold by Apple iPhone 5S. Chinese smartphone company Xiaomi is also giving a tough time to Samsung as Xiaomi’s market share increase to 5 percent and got 5th place in global market. Most Chinese manufacturer like Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei has taken some market share of Samsung

Samsung has also cleared that they will revamp the price of low to mid range products. It seems that some new competing model with better specifications may come in line. As the competition is growing, competitive pricing is very important.

$6.1 billion


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