Review of LEO Privacy Guard

Review of LEO Privacy Guard

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Today I want to introduce an app named LEO Privacy Guard. It was created by LEO Network Technology Co., Ltd. This application does what it is supposed to. I started using the app and I instantly became a huge fan of it. LEO Privacy Guard, for me, is now in the list of must have iPhone applications. The app recently got a major update and has become even easier to use. The application’s interface is available in 19 major languages and is very easy to use and understand.You can add as many albums as you want and as many pictures and videos as you want.

LEO Privacy Guard


Leo privacy guard provides touch id, pin and dot lock to lock up bank Cards, VIP Cards, login info & private photos. You can use any of the 3 to hide your private information. Besides that Leo privacy guard is also a Password Manager & Secure Accounts Wallet Vault.

The application also provides a private browser inside the app itself. Add your account information and quickly access the website with one simple click. This private browser does not trace your identity so you can access any important and sensitive website without any trace.

To sum it up this is one app that I and you’ve been looking for. I have already replaced my privacy application with Leo Privacy Guard. Go give it a try and you’ll love it. Get it here.
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LEO Privacy Guard’s main features to watch out for-
– Keep different login account and password combinations safe inside & create stronger and unique passwords for yourself.
– Auto-fill login information & Quick access to the important websites with private built-in browser.
– Scan and save bar code or QR code of your VIP cards, use them conveniently whenever you want.

Let’s find out more about what LEO Privacy Guard!

Main functions of Android version:

★ AppLock: Lock Everything
– Lock up your Facebook, Whatsapp, Messenger and other important apps which may leak your privacy.

★ Privacy Security Scan : Fast and Safe
– A click to scan mobile privacy status, find out potential privacy loophole.

Privacy Scan Feature

★ Safe Box : Lock and Hide
– A private vault for you to hide some private photos & videos.

★ WiFi Security Scan : Network Protector
– A simple click to scan current WiFi network connection and detect network security.
– Warn against malicious Wi-Fi hotspots, especially the free public WiFi, ensure your privacy security and property safety.

Wi-Fi scan

★ Anti-theft : Lost and Found
– A message to remotely control lost phone. No need to visit a website.
– Remotely lock up all your apps with our advanced applock function to protect your privacy.
– Locate your phone on map. Ring it to find missing phone.

Anti-theft Feature

★ Break-in Alert: Find out Intruder
– Take photo of some who tries to tries enter your phone and feeds wrong password.

Break-in Alert

★ Boost : Speed up your Phone
– Boost the speed of your phone, clear junk and cache.

Anyone who interested in it can join LEO Privacy Guard Facebook official page now!


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