Top 6 Best Web Browsers For Android

Top 6 Best Web Browsers For Android

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Best Web Browsers For Android: Today most of us surf web for various purposes. We use web on our laptop and smartphones. Do you know what is the most important things in browsing the web. It will be an internet connection and web browser. Yes! Web Browser is an important part of our browsing needs.

Best Web Browsers For Android

A web browser should be fast, secure and easy to use. Everyone has different browsing needs. So different browsers provide different type of features. Toady i will tell you about top 5 web browsers for android. If still you are using default android stock browser, you are missing a richer web browsing experience on android.

List of Top 5 Best Web Browsers For Android

So below is the list of best web browsers for android:

1. FireFox: Best Web Browsers For Android

Best Web Browsers For Android

Its proved that Firefox is the best browser for android. I always preferred Firefox on my laptop and android smartphone. Mozilla Firefox provide a great rich web experience on android. Firefox provides sync service for all your data and preferences, which includes bookmarks, passwords, history, open tabs and add-ons. With a big repository of add-ons, you can customize any feature of Firefox. Firefox also supports flash videos, if flash is installed in the device. If you want to block ads, there is an add-on for it. Firefox is simple, secure and feature rich out of the box.

If you want to that no one know your browsing history, switch to private browsing mode. With Reader mode, you can switch to a clean mode providing text.

2. Chrome

Best Web Browsers For Android

You must already heard of chrome. Chrome is also a great browser made by Google. The interface of chrome is very simple. You will surely love it. Chrome also provides synch service similar to Firefox for all you data. You can switch between your laptop and smartphone with ease. The browser also provide a password synching feature. There is no support for flash in chrome. Unfortunately chrome is only available for Android 4.0 and plus. For private browsing you can switch to incognito mode. Chrome also supports Do not track feature.

From beginning, chrome has some privacy issues due to Google’s data mining policy. It doesn’t mean chrome is bad. You can use chrome without any worry of security. Its a standard featured rich browser.

3. Dolphin

Best Web Browsers For Android

Doplhin is the one of the Best Web Browsers For Android available in play store. love browsing the web on Dolphin android browser. Dolphin is a beautiful android browser. Browsing the web on this is very smooth, even on low-end devices. Dolphin offers a speed-dial feature. One of the best feature of Dolphin is Gesture support. If you don’t know what is gesture? With gesture we can perform an action like opening a tab by making a pattern on screen. Another great feature of Dolphin is sonar mode. With it you can make a search with your voice.

Like Firefox, there are many add-ons available for dolphin android web browser. All we can say give dolphin a try.

4. Maxthon: Best Web Browsers For Android

Best Web Browsers For Android

Its probable that you don’t know about maxthon android browser previously. Maxthon is also a feature rich browser available for android. In fact it is also available for Windows, Mac, iOS, Kindle Fire and Windows Phone. Thats very good. With its cloud based technology, you cans synch every data across all devices.

There is also a private browsing mode, night mode and data saving mode. Similar to Firefox, maxthon also supports reader mode. With Cloud Push you can also share text and images.

5. Opera Mini: Fastest Web Browser For Android

Best Web Browsers For Android

Opera Mini is one of the best and oldest browser available for mobile phones. Opera mini is too fast. It also saves you data of data connection. Opera mini can even run very well on low-end devices. This browser is only for your normal browsing needs.

6. UC Browser

Best Web Browsers For Android

UC Browser is one of the most popular browser for android. This browser is much popular in india and china. Although its a great browser, but i don’t use it much. This browser is very good in terms of downloading a file. You can download multiple files with ease and fast.

So above is the list of best browsers for android. If you know any other browser, which can make a place in this list, mention that in comment section. We will surely consider it.

After using the above browsers, you can easily provide your response in comment section.