Android Surpasses iOS In Web Usage

Android Surpasses iOS In Web Usage

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Android has won yet another game. Yes, Android has now surpassed iOS in web usage. Apple is losing this time again. Recently Android gained about 85 percent of smartphone market share globally. After that in terms of web usage android is also ahead.

Android Surpasses iOS In Web Usage

Recent data released by market research firm Net Applications show that in month of July about 44.62 percent of mobile web traffic came from Android-powered device. On other hand iOS-powered Apple device contribute to 44.19 percent of mobile web traffic. There is a decline of 1.4 percent for iOS and 0.8 percent increase for Android. This data is based on 160 million monthly visists.

The rise of android usage is due to release of many high-end android smartphone by companies like LG, Samsung, Xiaomi in china and Micromax in India. They are providing better smartphone at cheaper price. Budget android smartphone sales is increasing day by day and are in high demand.

Last Apple CEO Tim Cook said “I don’t know what these other tablets are doing. They must be in warehouses, or on store shelves, or maybe in somebody’s bottom drawer!” source Business Insider.

But now the whole data is reveled by an independent firm. It’s not the time to remain idle with closing eyes. Apple’s global usage is declining. They have to take some worthy actions to tackle this. Apple is going to release its next version of iPhone, iPhone 6 on Sep 9.


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