Android Holds Whooping 85 Percent Smartphone Share

Android Holds Whooping 85 Percent Smartphone Share

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The most popular mobile operating system Android holds 84.6 percent of smartphone market share. This data about smartphone market share is brought up by market research firm strategy Analytics. This data is about second quarter of 2014.

Android Holds Whooping 85 Percent Smartphone share

Strategy Analytics stated that about 295.2 million of smartphones shipped during second quarter. In this Google’s mobile OS Android has beat all its competitors and hold a major market share. Market share of Apple’s iOS reduced from 13.4 percent a year ago to 11.9 percent in a year. Microsoft fell from 3.8 percent to 2.7 percent, and BlackBerry way down from 2.4 percent to 0.6 percent.

In this quarter 249.6 million of Android smartphones has been shipped, which was 186.8 million a year earlier. Neil Mawston, Strategy Analytics executive director, wrote in an email that Android’s global growth is being driven by strong demand for low-cost smartphones across most major regions such as China, India and Africa,”. He added that the main threat to Android is the upcoming version of large screen Apple iPhone.

Android Holds Whooping 85 Percent Smartphone share Most Android users worldwide likely to shift to large screen iPhone.

Total global smartphone shipment grows about 27 percent. But Samsung’s market share has reduce from 32.3 percent to 25.2 percent. How several smartphone brands have performed, there is separate report revealed by Strategy Analytics on this.

So what do you think of this immense growth of Android mobile OS? Now what will be the future of smartphone market. The game is yet live.